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33403 FLORIST 561-627-3737 www.dialarose.com LAKE PARK **OPEN 7 DAYS.

33408 FLORIST 561-622-1843 www.dialarose.com NORTH PALM BEACH **OPEN 7 DAYS.



Small investment for a lifetime of happy tidings. Grow your route even
bigger than it is.

My floral business needs COURIER BUSINESS PARTNER(s) to operate
the existing or future location(s). The Lake Park location has a
florist who needsher partner. Invest in the best, grow the business
and enjoy making others so happy.

*Drive a wrapped company vehicle.
*Purchase flowers from various locations.
*Deliver flowers in a timely fashion.
*Sales Rep for our business when not delivering.
*$10k. CALL NOW!

Manage the store with a florist. I am making a perfect team of excellent
high energy people for a local stores with a 5 mile radius.

Been in business 34 years this December. I know a thing or two about business tenure.

I am prepared to get you making an income first day on the job.
Weekly starting salary is $400.00.

Florist needs a Courier Business Partner. LLC. Managing member.



CALL or TEXT now!


Friends of the Rose,
It is an honor and privilege to create floral bouquets for your special someone.

Working with flowers is a life compliment.

Every day I am able to see the majesty of Universal creativity given to us through Mother Earth.

My job is to match the florist with their loving Cupid Courier
and train them to Market and Manage their blossoming flower shop.

You can CALL or TEXT for an appointment. I am standing by.

Your Rosebud Gina

HAVE A ROSY DAY! You know that I will.


RESUME OF GINA CERISE: Co Founder and Owner of Dial A Rose

K-8 Private School, New Jersey
8-12 Private Girls Prep School, New Jersey 9 and 10, California 11 and 12
University of Nevada Las Vegas, Business Management, May 1984 Graduate
June - December 1984, Pillsbury, Manager-In-Training
December 1984 - Present, Dial A Rose

Geyser Records Business Development, 1997-present.