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Bank of Thieves written by DARKLIZARDBAND.COM

Lyric Credits: Gina Saurus and Atomic T
Music Credits: Gina Saurus
Producer Credits: Michael Monitor
Publisher Credits: Geyser Records
Performance Credits: DARKLIZARDBAND.COM
Label Credits: Geyser Records
Short Song Description:
Bank of Thieves.
Song Length 4:03
Primary Genre Rock-Alternative
Secondary Genre -
Bank of Thieves
Look at all those fees
They make you pay
So they can go and play
On their yatchs,
With their vodka shots
Bank of Thieves.

Bank of Thieves
Sell you on a loan
Then with time
Take away your home.
No mercy, just a lotta fees
Bank of Thieves.

Only a thug would steal from the poor.
Your day's wages is a banking score.
Decline the charge is what they can do.
How much have they stolen from you.

I protest their thievery
Scammed from the knowledge of our psychology.
Banks commit highway robbery
And call it the overdraft fee.


Bankers and their stockholder friends.
Pray on their knees to develop more fees.
Getting rich from their tricky strategy
Then cleverly got the bail out ya see.

Don't reward the bankers oh please.
Go ahead and protest their fees.
In the lines and with the clerks.
Demand your money back.
And be a jerk.


Repay all the people you put out on the streets 'cause the day of judgement your creator you will meet. When the rich get richer and no food for the poor riot and revolution will be knocking at your door.