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HISTORY of Dial A Rose established $19.84
Dial A Rose, the premier floral delivery service, began operations in September 1984 as a high quality speedy service specializing in roses. Mr. D. J. S, a telemarketer in Reseda, California, created the business. His vision was to create a business where people would call him to purchase a product as opposed to him calling them to sell a product.

Gina Cerise was working for a Pillsbury company in Texas at the time Dial A Rose began. In December of 1984 she began a jewelry concept, moved back home to California, and had a buyer Judy's Boutique, want the concept for their chain of stores. At liberty, her younger brother DJ told her of the Dial A Rose concept. That evening she informed her brother that she wanted to do Dial A Rose for the rest of her life. Her brief encounter with jewerly ended and her life of roses began.

Gina began selling roses in Reseda California, and used her college 1970 Volkswagen Bug as the delivery vehicle. She had her chocolate colored bug painted white and she hand painted flames on the front of it. Her father built her a large sign for the top of the bug. She removed the front passenger seat for the flowers to sit in crates. Today, Dial A Rose still uses VW Bug logos as its delivery vehicles cabbie top.

Thus Dial A Rose began and continues with as much excitement and enthusiasm as when the first item sold: a single rose in a box, the original Grand Delivery Special, $9.95.

The original slogan developed by the founder is still used today:

Dial A Rose: "The finest way to send your love".